feeling inspired today...

happy weekend, friends!

i know, i know. it's been a longgg time since my last entry - but life just got in the way! from a crashed server [losing pretty much all of our designs] at work, helping frinds plan their weddings, helping my church group w
ith their new identity, things are crazy! but i'm lovin' it.

i just discovered sara bareilles music recently, and she has some really beautiful stuff. very talented - i heard she had no vocal or piano training. truly ah-may-zing. i was planning on going to see her last monday at the waiting room, until i found out that it was sold out AND that my musician friend, brad hoshaw, was no longer opening up for her. they decided to not have local acts at the last minute, which is ridiculous. i'm sure sara bareilles had to start somewhere too, didn't she? ugh. so that made my temper flare a little bit, but i'm still looping her song 'gravity' - seriously one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard.

if you also want to hear some new music, check out hazel & vine. my friend from california recently introduced me to them - and they have been filling up my saturday afternoon! such refreshing music. i personally love 'january best friends'.

as i mentioned before, things have been crazy in the life of sarah lately. i have about 5 friends getting married this year, three of them within the span of two weeks! just pure craziness. i'm also taking wedding photos for one, which i've never done before, but i'm trying to have faith in myself. i've been digging inspiration from my friend cara and brad jensen. i'm so glad i have such creative people in my life. check out their websites underneath the 'blogs i heart' section.

aside from that, i have fallen in love with kurt halsey's artwork. when i get a place of my own, his work will definitely be up to get my inspiritation running. he just makes me want to fall in love! i ran across this one today, and it just tugged at me..
anyways, that's been my artsy inspiration lately. what have you been inspired by?

sarah.mae =)