the day of the iPhone

mmm. the iPhone. every time i see an advertisement for it, i feel the saliva forming in my mouth. it's like, wanting to grab that last cookie you know you shouldn't have.

i can't wait to read reviews on it. i just think it's brilliant. the touch screen, the internet, Youtube, iPod... all in one! it's insane.

maybe someday i will be able to buy myself one. someday when i will no longer be an aspiring graphic designer, but instead that corporate designer i've always dreamed of.

i wonder how long it will take for this iPhone to not be so "new" anymore. when it will no longer be just on at&t's network and when the price will go down.

oh how i long for that day.

so, this brings me to the question... are you a Mac or PC person? i'm definitely a Mac person. i've been using them since grade school, and now when i have to use a PC.. i feel so lost. i look up on the right corner for the time, i wonder where my dock is... i'm like a lost puppy when it comes to PC's now! i'll never go back. never ever.

i'll close my post today with a funny video i found when i was doing some random youtube searching the other day. enjoy!


laughing, exploring, & smiling

cara & i ventured out last night in our hometown for some photo opportunities. we found a lot of good spots in our little town! it was pretty amazing. we both had so much fun, and since i think of her like another sister; i was definitely comfortable! well, the heat wasn't very comfortable... but we survived!

she came up with some very creative shots. some of them included a 'locker graveyard' by the elementary school and climbing through it all and lastly, playing on the stairs of a slide with my iPod.

i'm sure that cara will have great success with her new endeavor... & i'm excited to see her business grow. she's very talented at what she does, and deserves the best! to see other photos from last night, check out her blog under the 'blogs i heart'

i'm off to go have dinner with the fam, and maybe later on have dessert with the wine i bought at the winery! mmm. i hope you all have a relaxing wednesday evening!

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love: three years in the making

happy anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law today! they are so great. it's been fun, watching them go through different stages in their life the last three years. from the honeymoon bliss, to the excitement of a new puppy, and in the third year; seeing the love and joy a newborn baby can bring to this life.

this was a card that i whipped up together for them last night. i love that photo of them. taken last year.

they've just been so great, especially lately.. with this job search of mine. nothing but support, encouragement, and love.

tonight will be fun and adventurous. cara, my sister's best friend, is starting up a new photography business, and wants me as her newest subject for marketing materials and such. so as i'm typing this, i have all my outfits ready, my shoes out, and my eyebrows waxed. my friendly hairstylist saved the day for me. after i read cara's email about tonight, i looked in the mirror and saw my "holy hell" eyebrows and called her up right away and she saved me. now i have an hour to go until i meet up with cara, and i'm just so ancy! i always have so much fun with cara [sometimes i think we're the same person] and i'm sure tonight will be filled with a lot of laughs.

have a great tuesday evening, loves.

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music&graphic design

i have an obsession. my obsession is with youtube.com. i can stay there for hours, looking up the most random videos from laughing babies to a girl singing "what goes around, comes around" and then being surprised that justin timberlake is actually at the very end. the other night, i decided to look up random design videos. i found some neat stop motion videos, some autobiographies, and then i ran into this.

this kid, neal peterson, [should probably give him credit, huh?] came up with this idea to interpret a song with design. i remember doing a project like this in graphic design II before. & i had so much fun with it.

i might try doing something like this again, maybe include different media with it. we'll see.

i'm just feeling so dang inspired, & i'm loving every second of it.

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wine tasting, music, & interesting moments

went to the soaring wines vineyard today. it was so beautiful and relaxing. another local artist that i support, brad hoshaw, was playing there this afternoon. i thought it would make for a relaxing sunday afternoon, so i drug my parents and brother along.

[picture overload from here on out - i couldn't just pick one!]

i just loved capturing this photo of my brother. he doesn't even drink wine, but just came a long for the ride and atmosphere. his smile makes me smile.

i just loved looking around and taking everything in. i think it would be interesting to take a tour around the place. i am now a lover of wineries... and i am finally able to wine test! so exciting... being 21 is. i don't even mind showing my ID.

some of my other favorite shots:

after the winery this afternoon we decided to go to a favorite restaurant of ours by the missouri river. my parents, brother, sister&brother-in-law, baby niece, and my grandparents. it was a very nice evening. i just love looking around me, and seeing the ones i love.

after dinner tonight my grandpa drove us to the town he grew up in. it was so interesting. i was kicking myself that i didn't bring my camera. [i wore it out at the winery] he showed us the old barn he used to work in, the creek he used to ice skate across, the church he went to sunday school in, the high school he attended.... it was just mind-blowing.

driving around to all these places, i came up with a great idea! i'm going to drive back to all of those places he pointed out, and make a little scrapbook for him of the photos, for his birthday in august! great idea, right? he'll love it... & i love my grandpa.

man, starting this blog has just made me go on creative overload! i love it. i'm actually pulling inspiration from different design sites, learning about some new photo sites, and wanting to dig myself into scrapbooking again!

look out this week for different design ideas i have, and hopefully some scrapbook pages!

have a lovely sunday evening, friends.

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i can still.

i went to see sarah benck & the robbers last night. it was my first time seeing them, and they are all so talented! sarah sings so effortlessly.... & "the robbers" are such great musicians. i took a lot of photos for them, too. the lighting was great, and i loved being in a new venue and discovering new things. like the tiled floor, and the wrap-around stage... great for side views.

i'm beginning to love photography more and more. i was thinking yesterday, 'how can i make my pictures look more professional looking?' - so i found a photoshop tutorial and it's just a simple step that makes my photos look amazing!

you want to know how? i guess i'll tell you.

you rename the background layer to something else, so it unlocks.
& then you copy that main layer, & in the layer styles menu;
make that layer the 'soft light' option.

it just bumps up my photos a notch!

& now i leave you today, with a video of one of my favorite sarah benck songs: "i can still"

have a great saturday, friends!


inspirational: this time around.

i've done many blogs before. mostly consisting of me bitching&moaning. not this time. not tonight. i want to create something inspirational, this time around.

show my creativity. my love. my
visual love, as a good friend callie said to me tonight.

i took a drive last night. it was good, and very much needed for my sanity. i went down to a familiar place by my cabin, and just relaxed, listened to water streaming down the river, took some photos, & just listened and sang along to my iPod. it was a nice little road trip with some good photo ops.

i took the photo above while i was just relaxing by the river. i'm excited to start this journey with you all. i have a lot of opportunity for
visual love this weekend. i'm going to a new music venue tomorrow, wanting to scrap all day on saturday, and going to my first winery where i'm of age on sunday.

it should be a good weekend.


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