laughing, exploring, & smiling

cara & i ventured out last night in our hometown for some photo opportunities. we found a lot of good spots in our little town! it was pretty amazing. we both had so much fun, and since i think of her like another sister; i was definitely comfortable! well, the heat wasn't very comfortable... but we survived!

she came up with some very creative shots. some of them included a 'locker graveyard' by the elementary school and climbing through it all and lastly, playing on the stairs of a slide with my iPod.

i'm sure that cara will have great success with her new endeavor... & i'm excited to see her business grow. she's very talented at what she does, and deserves the best! to see other photos from last night, check out her blog under the 'blogs i heart'

i'm off to go have dinner with the fam, and maybe later on have dessert with the wine i bought at the winery! mmm. i hope you all have a relaxing wednesday evening!

currently listening to: cue the sun - daphne loves derby

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Cara said...

You are so sweet to me. Thank you! And thanks for being such a fun, gorgeous model. I had a blast. Couldn't imagine anyone better for those photos!