the day of the iPhone

mmm. the iPhone. every time i see an advertisement for it, i feel the saliva forming in my mouth. it's like, wanting to grab that last cookie you know you shouldn't have.

i can't wait to read reviews on it. i just think it's brilliant. the touch screen, the internet, Youtube, iPod... all in one! it's insane.

maybe someday i will be able to buy myself one. someday when i will no longer be an aspiring graphic designer, but instead that corporate designer i've always dreamed of.

i wonder how long it will take for this iPhone to not be so "new" anymore. when it will no longer be just on at&t's network and when the price will go down.

oh how i long for that day.

so, this brings me to the question... are you a Mac or PC person? i'm definitely a Mac person. i've been using them since grade school, and now when i have to use a PC.. i feel so lost. i look up on the right corner for the time, i wonder where my dock is... i'm like a lost puppy when it comes to PC's now! i'll never go back. never ever.

i'll close my post today with a funny video i found when i was doing some random youtube searching the other day. enjoy!


Amber Lee said...

haha, yup mac person all the way, I have seen that mac or pc thing before and had to forward it to all my crazy mac loving friends. I'll be sure to post about my iphone, don't you worry!

Cara said...

MAC all the way baby! You'll never believe it but at work we got all new computers and they switched Amy and I from macs to PCs. I think I just may go crazy!

And I agree, that phone is way cool. Just a little too rich for my blood just yet. Don't want to break my contract either. We can wish for one together!