love: three years in the making

happy anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law today! they are so great. it's been fun, watching them go through different stages in their life the last three years. from the honeymoon bliss, to the excitement of a new puppy, and in the third year; seeing the love and joy a newborn baby can bring to this life.

this was a card that i whipped up together for them last night. i love that photo of them. taken last year.

they've just been so great, especially lately.. with this job search of mine. nothing but support, encouragement, and love.

tonight will be fun and adventurous. cara, my sister's best friend, is starting up a new photography business, and wants me as her newest subject for marketing materials and such. so as i'm typing this, i have all my outfits ready, my shoes out, and my eyebrows waxed. my friendly hairstylist saved the day for me. after i read cara's email about tonight, i looked in the mirror and saw my "holy hell" eyebrows and called her up right away and she saved me. now i have an hour to go until i meet up with cara, and i'm just so ancy! i always have so much fun with cara [sometimes i think we're the same person] and i'm sure tonight will be filled with a lot of laughs.

have a great tuesday evening, loves.

currently listening to: jenny don't be hasty - paolo nutini

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Cara said...

Love the card Sarah! You're such a good sister. The heartfelt words you wrote make it that much more special.

Oh yea, go check out the blog. I stayed up extra late to get a few photos edited and posted for you!
Hope you like!