wine tasting, music, & interesting moments

went to the soaring wines vineyard today. it was so beautiful and relaxing. another local artist that i support, brad hoshaw, was playing there this afternoon. i thought it would make for a relaxing sunday afternoon, so i drug my parents and brother along.

[picture overload from here on out - i couldn't just pick one!]

i just loved capturing this photo of my brother. he doesn't even drink wine, but just came a long for the ride and atmosphere. his smile makes me smile.

i just loved looking around and taking everything in. i think it would be interesting to take a tour around the place. i am now a lover of wineries... and i am finally able to wine test! so exciting... being 21 is. i don't even mind showing my ID.

some of my other favorite shots:

after the winery this afternoon we decided to go to a favorite restaurant of ours by the missouri river. my parents, brother, sister&brother-in-law, baby niece, and my grandparents. it was a very nice evening. i just love looking around me, and seeing the ones i love.

after dinner tonight my grandpa drove us to the town he grew up in. it was so interesting. i was kicking myself that i didn't bring my camera. [i wore it out at the winery] he showed us the old barn he used to work in, the creek he used to ice skate across, the church he went to sunday school in, the high school he attended.... it was just mind-blowing.

driving around to all these places, i came up with a great idea! i'm going to drive back to all of those places he pointed out, and make a little scrapbook for him of the photos, for his birthday in august! great idea, right? he'll love it... & i love my grandpa.

man, starting this blog has just made me go on creative overload! i love it. i'm actually pulling inspiration from different design sites, learning about some new photo sites, and wanting to dig myself into scrapbooking again!

look out this week for different design ideas i have, and hopefully some scrapbook pages!

have a lovely sunday evening, friends.

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