i can still.

i went to see sarah benck & the robbers last night. it was my first time seeing them, and they are all so talented! sarah sings so effortlessly.... & "the robbers" are such great musicians. i took a lot of photos for them, too. the lighting was great, and i loved being in a new venue and discovering new things. like the tiled floor, and the wrap-around stage... great for side views.

i'm beginning to love photography more and more. i was thinking yesterday, 'how can i make my pictures look more professional looking?' - so i found a photoshop tutorial and it's just a simple step that makes my photos look amazing!

you want to know how? i guess i'll tell you.

you rename the background layer to something else, so it unlocks.
& then you copy that main layer, & in the layer styles menu;
make that layer the 'soft light' option.

it just bumps up my photos a notch!

& now i leave you today, with a video of one of my favorite sarah benck songs: "i can still"

have a great saturday, friends!

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