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i have an obsession. my obsession is with youtube.com. i can stay there for hours, looking up the most random videos from laughing babies to a girl singing "what goes around, comes around" and then being surprised that justin timberlake is actually at the very end. the other night, i decided to look up random design videos. i found some neat stop motion videos, some autobiographies, and then i ran into this.

this kid, neal peterson, [should probably give him credit, huh?] came up with this idea to interpret a song with design. i remember doing a project like this in graphic design II before. & i had so much fun with it.

i might try doing something like this again, maybe include different media with it. we'll see.

i'm just feeling so dang inspired, & i'm loving every second of it.

currently listening to: wait for you - elliott yamin

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Cara said...

Sweet video Sarah! I'm glad you're feeling inspired. Keep it up girl!