inspirational: this time around.

i've done many blogs before. mostly consisting of me bitching&moaning. not this time. not tonight. i want to create something inspirational, this time around.

show my creativity. my love. my
visual love, as a good friend callie said to me tonight.

i took a drive last night. it was good, and very much needed for my sanity. i went down to a familiar place by my cabin, and just relaxed, listened to water streaming down the river, took some photos, & just listened and sang along to my iPod. it was a nice little road trip with some good photo ops.

i took the photo above while i was just relaxing by the river. i'm excited to start this journey with you all. i have a lot of opportunity for
visual love this weekend. i'm going to a new music venue tomorrow, wanting to scrap all day on saturday, and going to my first winery where i'm of age on sunday.

it should be a good weekend.


currently listening to: she never lets it go to her heart - tim mcgraw

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bradley said...

this is great Sarah! Thanks for the nice links on the right as well :o) Looking forward to the updates...hope you get that job at Woodhouse as
well! Let me know how it goes...k!