the night was young, and so are we...

talk about life, God, death and your family...

that sums up my life as of lately. a lot has gone on, and again.. i'm just changing and growing from every experience. from realizing a relationship wasn't the 'right one' to a tragedy in omaha. it's just made me closer to the One who matters most, and my family and close friends.

i recently purchased 'lost songs' from anberlin, one of my favorite bands, and it does not disappoint. the acoustic renditions of their older songs are incredible. i don't think i've taken 'dismantle.repair' off of repeat. i would strongly suggest it on your gift list this christmas. you get 20 songs for only $9.99 on iTunes. make your ears smile with some good new music.

the holidays are my favorite time of year. i just love christmas. l
ove watching the snow fall from inside my comfy house, as i sip a cup of coffee. singing along to christmas songs from my playlist on my iPod, spending time with family and friends.. it's the best.

we recently went to the durham western heritage museum for a family christmas outing, and i am always so overwhelmed by their huge christmas tree. i've been forgetting my camera a lot lately, so i snapped this with my mom's camera... it turned out pretty well. i love spending time with my family, and it's extra fun now that we have a little one around. little miss k loves christmas. she 'oh's' over every decoration!

to the christmas trees, to the fake snowmen, to the lights... she loves it all.

i just keep on thinking how some people around the omaha metro won't have a very merry christmas this year... & my heart goes out to all of those who have lost someone they loved in this tr
agedy. i didn't know anyone personally, but i know many who have. may God put a peace over you, and a reassurance that they are spending Christmas with the One who started 'CHRISTmas' in the first place.

this picture is chilling to me. this last week, i have just been constantly watching the news and searching the internet for updated news.. and it's like i've been becoming numb to it all. this photo from a vigil last week just put it in perspective for me.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
-psalm 34:18

i pray that you look to Him this holiday season, He will get you through anything.


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what a great reminder