impressed : not impressed

hello, blog buddies! [i've been catchin' up on the ross_blog.. so excuse that phrase] anyway, i just thought i'd take some time to share my random thoughts from today. sound good? okay.

so during a lunch break this week at work, all of us watched an episode of 'the office' on brad's laptop - i have to confess, and say that i had never seen a full episode of it, but i LOVED it! definitely impressed. [i am also in love with jim halpert.] the episode where he hid dwight's cell phone in the ceiling was making me roll! just the faces that he makes, i can't take it. he's too adorable. & this is a big step to admit for me, but i may just give up on my favorite [grey's anatomy] show on thursday and replace it with the office. i think i just may. besides, grey's seems to be just falling apart... and besides the crazy documentary filming that the office has, i think i may start to love it.

in other news, the new mae cd comes out on tuesday. as most of you know, i share my middle name with my favorite band. i'm not so sure if they're my favorite anymore. i took a listen to their new CD today, and i'm just not impressed. they got more 'rock' sounding, and i miss the days of their destination : beautiful. totally different sound from their new CD.

so, i've been on the hunt for trendy business casual clothes, that are still work appropiate but fit my style... & as i was looking through target's ad this morning, i think i found the perfect piece.

a jumper.

totally cute, right? definitely impressed. & i think i'd easily be able to dress this up with cute black pants and accesories... [although the place i work at doesn't allow 'dangly earrings']

we'll see. i haven't even tried one on yet, but it seems to be the 'it thing' for fall - as i was reading in my lucky magazine today.

so, has anyone seen the new design for the iMac? i am definitely not impressed. i hear they're trying to match it with the new iPhone, but i like my all white Apple products, thankyaverymuch. i hope my iMac doesn't stop working... 'cause i'm really not thrilled to get the new one. it's too 'industrial looking' for me. i really like the idea of the 'click-free' keyboard, though. but we'll have to see as time goes on how i feel about it.


hashu said...

i liked your style....

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