...baby, fall.

i got to see this hunk of man last night.
clay walker - the man who i have loved since i was 7. didn't get the meet and greet, like i was hoping for... but what do ya do? we got there early, and i could have stood right in front, but being the photographer and graphic designer i am... i wanted some great shots [not 'see up your nose' shots] & that i did.

my sister kept on making fun of me the whole time, with my camera in my hand... but that's what i do! that's how i capture memories by taking photo or video, or else i don't remember.

that helps my experience.

& last night was definitely an experience.

i didn't want to miss his free show, like how i missed colbie caillat's. i didn't tell you guys about that, did i? well.... i got there, got in... no sitting room.. at all. & then i waited for a friend who was coming from out of town, and she didn't make it in...

so needless to say, i wanted last night to be great... and it was, indeed. clay is the best performer.

i'll leave you with some photos and a video!

have a great weekend, friends!

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