what a busy saturday it has been! i got up late, which was nice...and then spent 2 hrs cleaning my car this afternoon. i was exhausted after that – but it was worth it! it was filthy, and now that i work at a car dealership.. i feel like my car has to look up to par. ;)

it's been a busy week for me, too. i got a chance to IM with my good friend, ashley, this week.. we've been too busy to find a time to get together. so i like our IM lunch dates or late afternoon IM dates. she was telling me about a new blog she found called bittbox.com -- it just makes me want to be creative! i can't wait t
o start downloading the freebies.

& just because every post needs some eye candy....

how cute are these clothes? mm. i went shopping with my sister, niece and my mom yesterday... and towards the end of the shopping trip, i about had it. i didn't like anything in the stores.... but since i'm a working woman, and not a poor college student anymore... i stepped into The Buckle, hoping i would find something.

& oh thank the Lord, i did. i found some great pieces that are totally me! four of the shirts [to the left] i could wear at work and dress them down... and how about that hoodie? it was the LAST one and i had to grab it. it was definitely a splurge.. but it's so graphic.. and something that a graphic designer should probably have, right?

anyway, it's been a good weekend so far. i got to see some old friends last night, while i listened to jon troast [talented musician from wisconsin]... check him out... he has some catchy tunes!

have a lovely rest of your weekend, friends!

currently listening to: knock down - jon troast

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