aspiring or actual?

that's right, folks. i'm not an aspiring graphic designer anymore. i'm the real thing now. i can't believe how God is so faithful. i was taught a lot this summer. He helped me work on my patience and to just trust in Him.

& now i'm going to have the job of my dreams.

i start later this month, so in the next week or so... i'm really going to try to crank out some scrapbooking. i'm just going to relax and do the things that i love in the next week [i am going to 2 amazing concerts: cary brothers on monday, & keith urban on saturday] & i'm just going to start preparing for the newest chapter in my life.

also, something else exciting... i found this great college/young professionals church group that i've been attending lately. the people are so great. & last tuesday, the pastor came up to me and said 'my wife just loved your photos on myspace, and we're wondering if you'd like to take some photos for us during worship' which i replied with a 'definitely!' so next tuesday, i'm going to bring my camera and snap away. i've always wanted to take photos during worship. it's such a powerful thing, and i'm so excited to capture those moments.

i hope you all have a great week. i know i'm having the 'best week ever'!

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