the glass parade

on monday night, what is today... wednesday? i can't keep track anymore. anyways, i went to go see one of my favorite musicians, cary brothers. his song lyrics are so amazing; his music just really hits me. he shaved his scruff and i hardly recognized him, when he was walking around the venue! but as he got up on the stage, i realized the no-scruff man was indeed thee cary brothers. he put on an amazing show, though.

i went up to talk to him after his set, and when he asked me my name and i said 'sarah', he goes 'cary'... and sticks out his hand. & the whole time, i was thinking he thought my name was kerri. i didn't realize it until i was replaying it later in my head that night.. that he was actually saying his name. haha. wow... that was definitely a 'sarah' moment.

i still don't understand why he wears a beanie and a suit jacket in 90 degree weather, but he's never been here before... so i guess i'll give him a break. he's a sweet guy, a wonderful musician, amazing songwriter... and i'm just glad i got to see him perform.

i'll leave you with a video of one of my new favorites of his. have a lovely evening!

"the glass parade"

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