face your pockets [or purses]

when i was looking through the living section of the omaha world-herald last sunday, for the latest movie reviews and artsy happenings... i ran into a little blurb with this website. face your pockets. you basically just empty your pockets [or purses] and you create a self portrait of YOU... and the stuff that you have with you at all times. i immediately wrote the address down.

this blog has just opened my eyes to different things and i love having it. i wanted to do this after i went somewhere, when my purse would have much more in it. so, after a [unsuccessful] trip to parables this weekend, and an amazing show last night... i decided to do it this afternoon. i emptied out my purse, and scanned away. remembering to close my eyes from the bright light... i came up with this.

inside my purse was my keys, 'sketches' worship cd by sean michel [who put on a brilliant show last night... he has an amazing passion for our Lord and it was great to see], parables gift card [that i didn't use on saturday], my wallet, my journal [i don't know what i would do if i lost that], lipgloss and lipstick [necessities when you're out and about], & my lovely lg phone.

i just thought it was interesting... & would be something fun to try.

i bet you want to try it now, don't ya? go ahead. do it.

currently listening to: forgiven much - sean michel

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Cara said...

This is such a sweet idea Sarah! Love what you did for yours. Don't know if all my crap in my purse would fit!